International reservoir engineering firm launches sustainable energy consultancy

The owners of an international reservoir engineering company have invested a five-figure sum in a new business providing specialist advisory services in clean energy investments and projects to companies in Europe.

Laurent Schirrer and Isabelle Vervoort, who established Oilgen in 2002 to specialise in high-tech reservoir studies to forecast and improve oil and gas production, have launched Hydrenor to support businesses committed to working towards a low carbon future.

Aberdeen-based firm Hydrenor will provide specialist services related to the development of new renewable, clean and sustainable energy, with respect to methane emission abatement, hydrogen use and carbon capture and storage (CCS).

The company’s team of specialists have worked in the oil and gas industry for more than 25 years and have extensive project management experience. Plans are in place to recruit staff, including business analysts, engineers and project managers in the next six months bringing further employment to the Aberdeen area.

Oilgen also operates an advisory branch, which includes access to a range of experienced consultants providing further support to its clients in reserves and acquisitions. The company has a team of four experts working on projects in the North Sea, France and West Africa.

Mr Schirrer, Hydrenor managing director, said: “Since Oilgen’s creation in 2002, we have endeavoured to bring innovative thinking and extensive business experience to every project we work on and are committed to echoing this through our new business.

“We made the decision to launch Hydrenor to utilise our extensive advisory and project management skills as, in 2016, I observed scepticism amongst colleagues in the oil and gas industry about climate change. This inspired me to study climate and atmospheric sciences with the MIT, being taught by the best scientists on this subject.

“My studies convinced me that the fight for climate change is important and the winners witl be the companies that have anticipated the energy transition and change their behaviour towards cleaner oil and gas production. “Cleaner energy today” is Hydrenor’s motto.

“The G­­­overnment continues to work in a positive way to promote profitable projects in green energy, but the shift will not happen with subsidies alone. Private money will be needed to make the transition and we will work hard to help companies invest wisely, assisting the government achieve its goals.

“Greenhouse gases continue to be emitted unnecessarily and Hydrenor is keen to work with businesses in the area to see major carbon capture and storage projects in the Aberdeen area become a reality.

“Our ultimate goal is to work towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other atmospheric pollution, resulting in cleaner energy today.”

Hydrenor Ltd

01224 327044

Aberdeen, 7 June 2019