Our Work…

Although we are primarily involved with new energies sector, we have worked on a diverse range of projects committed to the energy transition moving towards a low carbon future.

Through our sector integration advisory services, we offer support in:

Hydrogen economy

We have connections with a diverse network of partners in the Power-To-Gas (P2G) sector. We have built services for oil and gas companies to assist with the transition of their offshore assets for use in renewable generation, offshore wind, or hydrogen offshore production and communicate to the wider global community to promote P2G

Hydrogen storage

We are the first company to open a  business stream related to mass hydrogen storage in depleted oil and gas fields and porous geological formations. Hydrenor act as advisors on the board of the HyStorPor project spearheaded by the University of Edinburgh, created to study the feasibility of storing hydrogen in porous formations. 

Energy Transition for the O&G sector

As part of the transition, it is vital for companies to focus on expansion plans for their assets to ensure they maximise on opportunities, becoming part of the growth of future offshore power in the North Sea. We have initiated business development actions in order to help oil and gas companies increase the value of their mature assets while reducing their carbon footprint.

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