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Hydrenor joins board of key hydrogen storage research project

A specialist firm providing advisory services in clean energy investments and projects has started an advisory role on the board of a newly formed hydrogen storage research project spearheaded by the University of Edinburgh.

Aberdeen-based firm Hydrenor, now plays an active role on the HyStorPor project, which has been created to study the feasibility of storing hydrogen in porous formations.

The company was launched in May 2019 and provides services related to the development of new renewable, clean and sustainable energy, with respect to methane emission abatement, hydrogen use and other innovative technologies, ultimately creating a low carbon future. 

In September, Hydrenor became the first in the UK to open an advisory activity in the economics of subsurface hydrogen storage and its associated technologies. The new business stream is related to mass hydrogen storage in depleted oil and gas fields and porous geological formations

The HyStorPor research project brings together several leading names in the hydrogen sector including Equinor, the Scottish Gas Network, EMEC, Pale Blue Dot and the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, to work on the ambitious three-year initiative.

Board members will meet on a twice yearly basis, with Hydrenor playing an advisory role at all meetings. 

Laurent Schirrer, Hydrenor managing director, said: “We are delighted to join the HyStorPor project. Our latest appointment demostrates our ambition to become a leader in the hydrogen storage market and strengthens our links with Edinburgh University.

“The three-year project will involve several work packages and we will use the technical skill base of our sister company, Oilgen, for studies involving reservoir simulation, petrophysics and flow of hydrogen, alongside Hydrenor’s strong project management and economics focus.

“Hydrenor is actively working on research into the hydrogen storage market, and joining this fantastic initiative will enable us to share our vision for the future of hydrogen alongside a wealth of industry experts, ultimately creating a cleaner future.”

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Aberdeen, 1 October 2019