Geological solutions for a Low Carbon economy


According to the Climate Change Committee, the U.K. emits around 500 million tons CO2eq of greenhouse gases per year, all to be abated by 2050. Under a Balanced Pathway to reach Net Zero by  2050, massive electrification, demand reduction and efficiency improvements will represent about half the effort to curb these emissions. Clean energy production from renewables, low-carbon solutions such as hydrogen, and emissions offset techniques and CCS will contribute to the remainder.

Hydrenor deploys geological techniques to evaluate, develop and operate a new class of clean energy assets.

Our mission is at the heart of the emission reduction value chain. Our economic impact is to enable mass seasonal storage of otherwise intermittent renewables, at a national demand scale.

In 2019, we were the first company in the U.K. to open a commercial activity for the storage of hydrogen in disused oil or gas fields or aquifers. We see big. We are committed to evaluate future development sites, fostering research projects, partnering with energy producers and investors, transferring oil and gas knowledge to prepare the future of a pan-European hydrogen economy.

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